Survey Services – EMF & Building Biology

We perform on-site and phone consulting site surveys for customers. We have the ability to cover the entire Continental USA. Phone consultations are limited to 60 minutes or less per call. On-site surveys are limited to 8 hours duration maximum.

Our phone consultations cover subjects such as Dirty Electricity, Grounding Systems, Radio Frequency Fields, magnetic fields solar/wind systems, HVAC and new construction advice. Phone consultations are charged at a flat rate of $75.00 per instance.

Our onsite 6–8-hour surveys are conducted at your home or business location anywhere in the USA. We can do consultations in Canada and Hawaii for an added charge. We charge $1200.00 per day plus any, meals and lodging expenses.

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All consultations are conducted by personnel certified in Building Biology concepts under the classifications as certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants, BBEC and or Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, EMRS.

In addition many of our consultants have formal training in Main Power Electrical Systems, HVAC, Construction, remodeling, Electronics, Mold effects and and other building sciences. Many of our consultants have advanced degrees in many sciences such as Biology, Physics, and Medicine. Each on-site survey includes a comprehensive report with findings and specific recommendations for remediation

To schedule an evaluation please send an email to:

Typical Reports included the following information:

  • Building Grounding Systems characteristics including
    • Total Grounding Systems resistance
    • Earth Voltage/ Stray Voltage
  • Electrical wiring system errors, finding “Net Current Issues”
  • Lighting system evaluations
  • Cursory examinations for presence of mold (note: only certified mold inspectors are authorized to make a confirmed evaluation)
  • Transient Voltages on the electrical system from Switched Mode Power supplies, smart meters and solar/wind systems
  • Ground current on water systems, cable internet and gas lines
  • Review of HVAC systems for proper operation and configuration
  • Evaluation of appliances for presence of RF signals
  • RF evaluation for Cell tower radiation exposure (Note: Not 5g frequencies above 10 GHz) )
  • RF evaluation for Wi-Fi, DECT phones, cell phones
  • New building site evaluations (note: soil sampling for contamination is a separate charge depending on requirements)
  • Evaluation of foul smells (note: this does not include off site laboratory analysis)
  • VOC and SVOC evaluations and testing
  • Mold evaluation and testing

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