William (Bill) Bathgate

William (Bill) Bathgate

William (Bill) is the president of two companies, Val-IT, Inc and DE Filters LLC. Val-IT does work exclusively for the US DoD and Government agencies. DE Filters LLC is a company specializing in conducting business and home environmental surveys and sells products to the general public to mitigate the harmful effects of “Dirty Electricity”, “EMC” (Electrical and Magnetic Conducted Emissions) and the harmful effects of RF and 5G.

Bill is a board member of the Residential Customer Group in Michigan, which fights the utilities in Michigan from increasing of rates and other regulatory affairs. To date this group has prevented over 100 million in rate increases to the general public in Michigan. Bill has provided testimony in courts, utility commissions and legislatures fighting “Smart Meter” deployments in multiple states in the USA.

Bill is considered an expert in grounding systems. He developed the concept of the “Ground Antenna” which helps people with extreme EHS to recover their health. DE Filters LLC does mitigation of electrical faults including detection of wiring errors and corrections. DE filters LLC is the USA distributor of the Sine Tamer® Filter and the Sine Tamer® is the World’s Leading Surge Suppressor (TVSS), along with being a dealer of the DNA line of products. DE Filters LLC also develops some of its own products to mitigate the RF from “Smart Meters” such as the IRON MAIDEN©® product, successfully installed in hundreds of homes across America.

When doing a survey DE Filters LLC uses only the best analysis equipment, including Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Gigahertz Meters, and Ground Resistance Meters, along with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurement instruments for Moisture, Mold and VOC’s within the environment.

DE Filters LLC is one of the first to offer special financing for consumers wishing to protect their business and home from electrical system defects/faults, mold mitigation and from RF, including 5G on an affordable monthly payment plan. DE Filters LLC has affiliates across the country, and is not solely a local service provider but can service anywhere in the USA and Canada.