Power Perfect Box Information

I have done a test of the Super Duty Power Prefect box. I was interested to know how this unit operated and its power consumption. I was stunned to find out that each of the two modules consumer 6.1 amps of power per module for a total of 12.2 amps 7/24. It is my opinion that this will likely increase your power bill. It also provided a small decrease in the Stetzer Micro Surge Meter readings , but at the cost of 12.2 amps, that is a lot of power consumption for a small decrease.

Please review the two links here, the first is the test with the Amp draw and the second is the Stezer Micro Surge Meter readings. An oscilloscope reading is also provided,

Here is the Manufacturer Specifications for the Super Duty Power Perfect Box . Note the amperage draw listed is 6.9 amps per line for a total of 13.8 amps. This is pretty close to what was measured by the Amp probe of 6.1 amps per leg for a total of 12.2 amps.

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