DNA Inline Filters

If you have a complex computer system that has multiple very noisy power supplies, UPS back up power supplies (which are as bad as a Solar Inverter) Displays, printers etc. These can be very hard to mitigate, even with a whole house filter. For these types of systems, you will require a DNA “In-Line Filter”. An In-line filter can carry a full load of the required current for example, 20 amps of full load. All other filters on the market today are what are referred to as Parallel or Parasitic type filters. These Parasitic filters types do not carry a full load of current and work by sitting on the wires and diverts the DE to Neutral or Ground. We have found those may not be enough to mitigate a very noisy system. This In-Line filter combines a 20 Amp rated Inductor (like our IND100) and a DNA RxDNA V2X in the standard model or a low frequency (starting at less than 5 KHz)  20 Amp rated Inductor and a DNA RxDNA V3LF filter all in one package. Deciding which one to choose It is very easy, most consumers will find the standard model works extremely well for over 95% of applications.  If that does not meet your satisfaction, just exchange it for the low frequency version for the added cost of $200.00 (plus Shipping and Taxes).  To install the In-Line Filter and you just plug it into an outlet and then connect all your computer systems to the output of the In-Line filter.

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